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For most of his childhood, Bill grew up on the circus route, touring from city to city, impressing folks as part of the sideshow freak show as Lobster Boy. Through an elaborate set of prosthetic claws affixed nightly to give an appearance of lobster claws for hands, Bill dazzled millions of onlookers coming out to get a sneak peak at the lobster boy.

After years of dealing with hours and hours in the make-up chair, a subtle allergy to latex glue and a shift in state laws towards the circus freak show, Bill felt that his time traveling with the circus had ended.

With only a few changes of clothes in a bag on his back and a flair for theatrics, he set off on his new adventure. With a series of failures on his back, he had but a few dollars left in his pocket to ride the bus to the end of the line, and that is where he met AJ, and a new idea was born.

After a successful run of hosting with AJ, he decided to return to the competitive POG circuit and retired as host. Bill was distraught and hopped the first train he could find to take to the end of the line, the Las Vegas monorail… It was on that train, Bill locked eyes with his new Co-Host, who also happened to look like his old Executive Producer. The next day, (NAME OMITTED) began hosting, but his old executive producer never showed up again.



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AJ – Retired Host (Current Pog Competitor of East Asia)

After spending several years honing his skills as a competitive POG player, a crippling hand cramp ended his career at its peak. With no other formal training or education, he was forced to join the family business, just like his father always wanted. The port-a-potty business is lucrative, but not where his heart truly belonged. AJ left to pave his own way, to travel and seek out those with a song in their heart and a fire in their belly.

AJ and Bill met some years later, on a bus, at the end of line.

After a successful run of hosting End of the Line, AJ returned to his passion of POG competition thanks to the advent of new technology to ease hand cramping. He is currently touring East Asia and is top POG competitor in North Korea.

If you like what you hear, please feel free to contribute to the show. All help is appreciated! Donations over $100 get an autographed 8×10 photo of the hosts; because that’s what everybody needs in their lives!

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